[General] what is the LK equivalent of Transcript show: 'blah'

Dan Ingalls Daniel.Ingalls at sun.com
Mon Apr 7 02:53:46 CEST 2008

>I wanted to play with a few of the LK objects and I was looking for a way to print the output of some methods.  However, I couldn't find a Transcript object, so I was wondering whether there is something equivalent, or whether there is a better way of doing it?

Hi, Andy -

We use
	console.log(<string expression>)
The results show up on the error log of whatever browser you are using.

We are about to release a new version of LK which includes its own console window.  When you open one, then this content goes to your LK window and not to the error console.  More about various other related new features in the next day or two...

	- Dan

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