[General] The Advent Calendar project

Daniel Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at Sun.com
Fri Dec 12 07:06:30 CET 2008

Folks -

We've been having a lot of fun (and pushing the system in many good  
ways), by building an Advent Calendar thing in the Lively Kernel.   
It's a bit geeky but, at the same time, it's cooler than many other  
things on the web. @this point we probably can't catch up with the  
dates enough to release it as such, but we're still having fun with  
it.  We thought you might like it too and -- who knows -- maybe even  
contribute something.

Anyway, the thing is out there, we're adding to it each day and, if  
you do something cool, it could help us finish before the 25th.  As of  
this writing, days 1-4 have content, and there's a plan for days  
through the 12th.  Check it out at...


In case you can't tell, after the holidays most of these pages will  
remain as an introduction to the Lively Kernel built in itself.  The  
goal is for people to learn a bit and play a bit on each page.  For  
that reason especially, we'd like feedback to help make it be an  
effective (and fun) tutorial.


	- Dan

PS:  If you're wondering about the "wiki" controls, this works as a  
client-side wiki for us (letting us save and revert as we develop the  
site), but that aspect will only work for people with accounts on our  
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