[General] Nitpicker on TextMorphs, documentation, forum content, wiki

Richard Karpinski dick at cfcl.com
Mon Feb 4 15:40:08 CET 2008

I still have no clue how to enter and manipulate text in a TextMorph.  
Is there some intention to document that aspect of this fantastic  

Some of the referenced papers are not available without substantial  
memberships or purchase. Will that remain true, or will more current  
papers eventually eliminate the need for the historic morphic documents?

Now that this mailing list has replaced the forums, is all the text  
that I entered therein lost forever? I hope it can reappear as  
content within a historical section of a new wiki until the best of  
it is converted into better wiki pages and the old pages removed,  
except from the historical archives.

What is the current thought about having a wiki for this stuff? I've  
considered various ways to coordinate content between mailing lists  
and forums and wikis. To me, there seem to be fairly natural ways to  
maintain the advantages of each with all the content made available  
in the wiki. That permits the continuous improvement of the content  
while ensuring that the history automatically preserves everything  
entered. Only the wiki medium serves the function of enhancing the  
reader's experience continually, in a natural way.

Eventually, I will want to create multi world content with chosen  
constraints on who can access and who can modify each screen/window/ 
page/world or whatever we call the parts. For my purposes, as long as  
many browsers will permit viewing and limited choice and data entry,  
it will be fine to require specific browsers for fully functional  
development of new content.

The notion of a wiki implemented in Lively Kernel is terminally  

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