[General] must be connected?

Antero Taivalsaari Antero.Taivalsaari at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 3 13:30:02 CEST 2008

roger at stat.berkeley.edu wrote:
> to the creators of Lively Kernel:
> I could not tell from the FAQ
> whether it will be possible for
> applications such as
>    "A Lively Engine"
>             or
>    "Asteriods"
> to run in a browser
> window (Safari or Firefox)
> without being connected
> to the internet.
> Even a brief remark would be
> very helpful.

These applications do not require a network
connection when they are running.

However, without a network connection, you will not be able
to launch these applications (or any other Lively Kernel
applications) unless the application source code is located
on your local machine.

 From your web browser, you can launch "offline" applications
using "file:" instead of "http:".

-- Antero (on vacation; checking e-mail every few days)

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