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Dan Ingalls Dan at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 4 07:49:46 CEST 2008

Goddard Jiri <g0dd4rd at googlemail.com> replied offline...

>I noticed that the UI is quite slow in comparison to another JS 
>based UIs like the one@<http://www.meebo.com>www.meebo.com
>Will it get better?

Hi, Jiri -

I sure hope so.

Now is the time for the SVG folks to start doing some of the same 
sort of engineering that is being done on JavaScript.  The Lively 
Kernel could run *much* faster with just a bit of work.  If no one 
does this, eventually we will, but for now we'll keep holding a 
carrot out there to see what others can do.

Our current priorities are

>  Exploit the delightful uniformity of doing everything ourselves in JavaScript

>  Explore high-security variants (Caja etc)

>  Experiment with end-user programming and easy wiki-like web content creation

>  Explore possibilities of multi-user web pages (ie, collaboration)

>  Build the ultimate power-user web programming tool

None of this is about performance... yet.

At any point we (or some of you out there in Lurky-Land) could work 
on a faster Canvas model (but beware text), do a lively plugin (we 
did this once already), or even link to native widgets.  Right now, 
though, our current strategy leaves the entire system much more 
malleable, and therefore a better vehicle for these explorations.

	- Dan
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