[General] [ANN] HTML Layout and Rendering Engine for Morphic is now shipping

ALT Mobile DEV dev at altmobile.com
Fri Mar 21 14:41:09 CET 2008


A new release of our Web 2.0 developer tools are now shipping.  
Included is the "HTML Layout and Rendering Engine and a Form Editor  
for Morphic" that I announced here:


To ease development of LK apps, I've bundled a copy of LK. We include  
an embedded web server, so it's a complete web development environment  
for building Web mash-ups with LK clients :-)

Since LK is in flux, we haven't ported all of our mash-up tools to LK  
and consequently there is no formal product documentation. I'll blog  
with samples over the weekend.

And here's the blog announcement:


I am pleased to announce that version 7.3 of the <alt> XML Studio is  
now shipping. Featuring the industry's first commercial Comet  
developer tools, the XML Studio breaks new ground in the development  
and testing of Web 2.0 applications.

Developers can now build and test real-time streaming mash-up  
applications. Version 7.3 embeds a copy of the upcoming <alt> Dynamic  
Mashup Server  which uses a custom version of Grizzly, the Comet  
technology from Sun.

In addition to its Web 2.0 server support, version 7.3 of the XML  
Studio adds mash-up developer support for 3 new Web 2.0 client  
technologies: Mozilla Prism (the single-site browser (SSB) technology  
from Mozilla Labs, Sun's Likely Kernel (a JavaScript/SVG web  
programming environment from Sun Labs), and Microsoft's WebSlices (a  
new feature of Internet Explorer 8).

Previous versions of the XML Studio introduced mash-up developer tools  
for Opera Widgets, Apple Dashboard Widgets, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Vista  
Sidebar Gadgets, RSS mash-up feeds, Yahoo! Pipes, Google Gadgets,  
JavaFX Script, and Safari on iPhone.

Version 7.3 of the XML Studio also adds new capabilities to its Web  
3.0 semantic web developer tools. Now, our RDF mash-up meta data  
includes support for SSML-- the W3C standard for speech synthesis. By  
explicitly including text-to-speech technology in our mash-up RDF  
definitions, we hope that both the visually impaired and non-English  
speaking users will become full participants in the mash-up revolution.

The <alt> XML Studio is available for Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows  
Vista, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Solaris.

To download a copy of the <alt> XML Studio, visit http://altmobile.com/Home.html


ALT Mobile

http://altmobile.com/Home.html (web site)
http://web.mac.com/altmobile (official blog)

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