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Tue Mar 25 02:44:03 CET 2008


I've posted a couple of blog entries on Lively Kernel. WIth Friday's  
big release of our Web 2.0 developer tools, we now provide tools for  
creating Mashups for the following Web 2.0 client technologies:

Sun's Lively Kernel
Sun's JavaFX Script
Adobe AIR
Apple Dashboard Widgets
Apple's Safari on iPhone
Google Gadgets
Microsoft IE 8's WebSlices
Mozilla Prism
Opera Widgets
RSS Feeds
Yahoo! Pipes

As part of a series on the strengths and weakness of Web 2.0 clients,  
I also discuss how to create a Mashup client for each of the  

One goal is to provide insight to developers-- so that they better  
understand what's needed for their upcoming Web 2.0 projects-- and the  
other goal is for company strategist from Adobe, Apple, Google,  
Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, Sun, Yahoo!, etc to see where their  
products _really_ fit in the Web 2.0 world.

I think that this is a better service to technologists and developers  
than the puff pieces and hatchet jobs from the less-than-qualified  
writers and bloggers.

* The series starts off with this blog post (Web 2.0 Technologies:  


* and the specific ones on LK are here (Web 2.0 Clients: Sun's Lively  


* and here (A Lively Kernel Mashup Client):


Of course, if I missed the mark or misunderstood... please comment.


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