[General] evaluateAllButInitializer, evaluateInitializer

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 16:12:11 CEST 2009

Main.js is now calling ide methods evaluateAllButInitializer
and evaluateInitializer (instead of evaluating preamble/postscript).

   - http://livelykernel.sunlabs.com/viewvc?view=rev&revision=2788

How stable is this api? Also, related, the menu commands "add to preamble"
and "add to postscript" no longer seem to do anything. Will there be or is
there now a command in the UI to add a DoitChange?
Robert, I'll probably soon copy my personal worlds from of the wiki - and
maybe put update them later after the wiki is updated. So obviously no rush
on this from me now because most of my worlds might break. :-)

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