[General] Some success with Chrome

Merik Voswinkel macmerik at xs4all.com
Wed Apr 15 16:10:01 CEST 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 3:28 PM, Merik wrote:

> In FireFox 3.0.7 on Mac OS X I now get a "no console! console output  
> disabled"@every Lively Kernel page. When you click OK the pages  
> do load ok.
The page load never ends, however. Also never happened before.

Chromium 0.1, the port of Chrome to Mac OS X does display the http://livelykernel.sunlabs.com/repository/lively-wiki/index.xhtml 
  but then gives these "failure to Propfind http://livelykernel.sunlabs.com/repository/lively-wiki/ 
  code 400" errors.
Other pages load and display, then crash Chromium before the full page  
has loaded.
Be aware that Chromium 0.1 is not ready yet, it can only deal with  
'basic' html pages.
I only describe it here because it does indeed already displays and  
work some of the time. And about as fast as Safari 4 Beta.
Drag and drop, resize, moving between worlds, it all works fine.


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