[General] Text changes

Daniel Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at Sun.com
Tue Apr 21 23:11:45 CEST 2009

Robert wrote...

> When there is more than one line in a TextMorph and you move the  
> cursor to the end of the last line and press <UP> the cursor will  
> not jump to the line before that.
> When you select text with with <SHIFT> and <DOWN> the last line will  
> not be selected.
> When you press <ENTER> the cursor is moved to the very end of the  
> current line, it is moved to the next line after typing one character.
> Sometimes the cursor disappears when at the end of text. I currently  
> do not know how to reproduce that behavior.

I have retracted my changes pending more testing.  Thanks much for  
your report.

	- Dan

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