[General] Attaching Events Handlers to Morphs is Not Obvious

Robert Krahn robert.krahn at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Tue Feb 24 09:58:34 CET 2009

> How do I attach a mouse handler to a morph?

Open an inspector on a morph then, to attach a new submorph on every  
click e.g., type something like this:

// make sure the Morph really wants the event
this.handlesMouseDown = Functions.True;
// overwrite my onMouseDown method
this.onMouseDown = function (evt) {
	var localPoint = this.localize(evt.mousePoint);
	var new Morph = Morph.makeRectangle(localPoint.extent(pt(10,10)));
	this.addMorph(); // because we manually define a method

Other Mouse handler methods: onMouseMove, onMouseUp

> Most of the time I have no idea what can be edited in the inspector:  
> for instance how would I edit [object Object]?.

Multiple possibilities, assume x is an object

- If you have an instance of a class and want to know its methods
x.constructor.functionNames() // constructor is the klass

- If you have an object (instance or normal JS object) try
for (var name in x) { console.log(name + ': ' + x[name]) }

- If you want to look at the source code open the SystemBrowser
In Core.js e.g. the fundamental parts of Morphic are defined.
You can also hit loadAll. Then enter in a TextMorph 'onMouseDown',  
select it and hit alt+w. You will get a list of all occurrences of  
onMouseDown in the source code.

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