[General] Using ChangeSet: TypeError Perhaps Relating to Namespace/Using?

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 06:12:17 CET 2009

I am getting a type error when I try to instantiate a very simple class
contained in my ChangeSet. My code all works fine locally but I'm loading
from a linked js file and not using the ChangeSet locally. I suspect that
maybe the issue is that I'm not using namespace/using() but hopefully you
can point me in the right direction. It's imperative to me that I keep my
code in packages/namespaces.

I created two wiki pages with very simple ChangeSets. This simplest one
works fine when I evaluate the text in the TextMorph.


This one fails with a type error when I evaluate the text in the TextMorph..


I am almost there - getting productive. Thank you so much for your help
Robert and Dan. I have some cool and simple stuff planned: simple TextMorph
for instantiation, cool animated vortex widget for world navigation,
ScrollPane for the world, Flickr gallery widget, buttons, stickies, morph
navigator, translucency, clipping, and masking transistions. But I need to
prioritize between utility in Lively/Morphic and bling.

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