[General] Visual Composition vs. TDD (was: Re: [Newbies] Re: Test Driven Development)

Markus Gälli gaelli at emergent.de
Tue Jan 6 21:44:59 CET 2009

Am 06.01.2009 um 20:54 schrieb Jerome Peace:

> [Newbies] Test Driven Development
> Hi Ryan,
>> Ryan Zerby tahognome at gmail.com
>> Mon Jan 5 14:31:26 UTC 2009
>> I've run through "Squeak By Example" and have I was curious what kind
>> of TDD would be appropriate on Quinto.
> I got stuck writing a reply to you then I found this:
> What's the Simplest Thing that Could Possibly Work?

I dare to say my Quinto with Etoys in six lines of code in Etoys is  
simpler than the SBE-version.


The trick is to make the layout so that neighboring cells overlap each  
other a bit.
Then make the corners of the cells rounded so that diagonal neighbors  
do not overlap.

BUT: for using my or the SBE version one still needs to install sth.  
first -- even if it's Squeak... ;-)
Not so if you used JavaScript:

(Official name for Quinto seems to be "Lights out", but everyone seems  
to have his or her own version...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lights_Out_(video_game) )

Dan Ingalls and other great folks bring the power of tile scripting  
and visual composition to "No-Install"-JavaScript with "lively kernel".
(google for lively sun / I am cross-posting to their list)

Their "lights out" will turn some lights on. Or will it be you who  
does it?



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