[General] More Good News / Call to Action

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at Sun.com
Wed Mar 25 21:11:57 CET 2009

We have just cleared the Lively Kernel for release under the...

	MIT license


It is our intent now to wrap it all in a shiny new package with 
canvas support, namespaces, wiki work, end-user programming 
frameworks, the great JavaFX experiment, and maybe even a bit of 

	We need your help

At one time or another, the Lively Kernel has run more or less in 
Safari, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer and a JavaFX 
applet.  And now there are both SVG and Canvas versions as well. We 
need your help testing, locating and, ideally, fixing whatever bugs 
may affect Lively Kernel on each of these platforms.  We are not so 
interested in problems which can be fixed simply by getting a more 
recent version of the same browser, except that we would publish them 
as known problems.  But we are interested in such issues as command 
keys don't work, screen size is wrong, it crashes, etc.

Our goal is for this release to present all the good stuff we've 
done, in a form that runs on as many browsers as possible, on as many 
OS's as possible, in as many countries as possible.

The two files to test are the normal and canvas versions of our 
latest sources...


Note that the system browser (world menu / tools) will allow you to 
view the entire code base.  If you wish to help with bugs, then 
either send us what you think to be a fix, or contact us regarding 
write access to our repository.

Please send your testing results and suggested fixes, either to me or 
to the list, and I will collect these in a status report and punch 
list of items remaining before we make the release.

Thanks all

	- Dan, for the LK team

(*) If you have developed any useful documentation (such as where in 
the sourcefiles to find various things, etc), please feel free to 
pass those along, and we'll try to fold them into the Wiki and any 
other documentation that we assemble for the release.  Thanks in 
advance for that too.
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