[General] If I were King of Lively.

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Tue Nov 10 23:57:13 CET 2009

If I were King of Lively, I might decide to leave popularity to the 
politicians, and remain focussed on my quest for the grail.

Either way, I would banish all evangelists from my Kingdom. There is too 
much evangelism in the world, and not enough pastoralism.

To be popular
Being a popular King, means having to have a good answer to a question 
like: "our school only uses IE and Flash, and even if we installed a 
supported browser, Lively feels sluggish and the kids find it fiddly to 
use"   -which isn't even a question.

"Where is the debugger" is a question; but isn't any easier to answer.

Yes, I am saying that Lively isn't ready for the prime-time. Lively 
doesn't have to be *quite* as crisp to use as a trinket implemented in 
Flash, but it has to be closer. Lively doesn't have to offer all the 
bells and whistles of a Visual Studio, Dreamweaver or Squeak  -but it 
has to be closer than it is now.

There are lots of interesting possibilities for getting there quickly I 
think, but they amount to the usual Kingly strategy:  LIE ,CHEAT,  STEAL 

I'll post details on each over the next couple of days, as I get a 
chance to trim my ramblings down a little.

Pete F

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