[General] wiki broken? -and java lively

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Mon Nov 16 10:19:35 CET 2009


The LK wiki seems to have been broken for a while (or is it just me?). 
Worlds fail to start.

I *think* that the problem is that getting scratch.js returns a 404 *and 
a page not found html page*  - the browser is choking on the html. I'm 
not certain this is the problem, but it is the only error in the console.

I've been playing with a Lively world running in "Squiggle"  (the demo 
batik viewer).  In theory, this isn't a big deal  -Squiggle is just 
another browser that happens to be implemented in Java and doesn't 
bother with html.   In practice it was fantastic to see the radial 
engine fire up!  I don't know if it is just a win for generality,or hard 
work by the Lively team to ensure that Rhino/Batik support   -but it 
sure is cool.

Krzysztof pointed me at an url  for use with batik a while ago, but it 
threw a scary looking exception in Squiggle and I gave up. The problem 
turns out to be easily worked around   [pass the document object as xpe 
when creating the Query class  -rather than passing 
Global.XPathEvaluator (an interface in Batik apparently) or calling new 
XPathEvaluator   (fails as you are trying to instatiate an interface). 
The document implements XPathEvaluator (but I'm not sure this is the 
perfect solution)  Also, we don't seem to get the document's 
spec/location from squiggle, which causes problems when creating the URL 
class in network.js] .

If anyone feels like running Lively in java, download Batik (includes 
squiggle), start squiggle and open the 2nd URL below

original world (nearly works) at:


hacked world (identical except for core.js and network.js in which i 
made 2 squiggle specific hacks)

*still throws an exception that i haven't  looked into  -but does start*



btw: yes, moprhing squiggle into a lively capable applet would be cool 
wouldn't it...

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