[General] wiki broken for safari 3.x (maybe)?

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Thu Nov 19 00:43:46 CET 2009

Can someone confirm that the wiki runs OK in Safari 3  -what about 
Safari 3 on windows?

Dan says:


Hmm.  All works fine for me in Safari, FF3 and Chrome, starting at...
and testing the kaleidoscope as well.  (not what you wanted to hear I know)


I've had my best cat on this   -and she thinks it might be a Safari 3.x 
issue. She has tried five machines only  -and all were windows (Flossy 
won't use a mac -and just try getting a cat to queue for an iPhone). 
Three were Safari 3.x and the root wiki world wouldn't start. The other 
two machines were Safari 4 and seemed to run fine.

If anyone still runs Safari 3, Flossy would be curious(!) to hear if the 
Wiki works for you (and what OS you are running)

nb:  I'm able to run older, saved wiki pages on safari 3 (windows)  that 
i'm serving from localhost.  I get the same error re parsing Scratch.js 
on these pages so I conclude that isn't the problem.

On the live wiki I do see the following warning however:

has unloaded requirements: 

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