[lively-kernel] Prezi, etc

Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 01:56:47 CEST 2010

Phil wrote...

>There's talk lately of presentations and zooming in LK. Came across 
>this about a year ago. Implemented in flash I think. Just some 
>fodder of prior art for review:

Incredible.  I just got a pointer to this same site today from Joe Armstrong.

Not just fodder.  It's an inspiration.

Also in the inspiration department...
  I haven't got my iPad yet, but I found an old Windoze machine here 
with a touch screen.  I managed to get Chrome running on it and LK on 
that.  For some reason simple one-finger control is part of the 
gestalt I envision for Lively.  [I had this same feeling about Fabrik 
over 20 years ago, too].  So I've been tapping on the screen with a 
far away look in my eyes.

Let's see...
Draw approximate shapes in the world to make simple morphs.
Tap in an object to get controls and a menu
Handles and menus need to be bigger for fingers
Second tap goes to parent like Squeak
Pie menus?  Still not for novices I think
Gravity, momentum, collision detection
Oh help...
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