[lively-kernel] Cool Lively Webwerkstatt @ HPI

Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 18:44:02 CEST 2010

Here is one I particularly like...


are there some other cool screencasts around?

By the way, I find the webwerkstatt content difficult to follow and 
play with.  It looks like there is some  secret you are supposed to 
know about how to "run" the examples.  If this is true, I'd like to 
know it, and it would be *even better*  if there were either a 
standard style to present a little summary text with a button to run 
it, if appropriate.  Something like...

Draft Color Chooser
The code is show in the text view below.
To try it out, push this button, and you can
control the color of the square to the right
	|                                    |

...  you get the idea.  Now all we need is a way to imbed LK morphs 
in email ;-)

It would even help if there were the same text in every such page 
that just says
	How to play with Webwerkstatt drafts
	Do this. Do this. Do this. Try this

I know this is almost as bad as asking for documentation, but I think 
the easier we make it for others to have fun, the sooner we will grow 
our community.

	- D

Philip Weaver <philmaker at gmail.com> wrote...
>Here are some links to code drafts at HPI. There's lots of neat 
>stuff going on if you look in webwerkstatt/ and webwerkstatt/draft/ 
> Do you have any other favorites?
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