[lively-kernel] Saving, importing and exporting Lively Kernel objects and worlds.

Fernando olivero oliverof at lu.unisi.ch
Sun Jul 4 02:39:56 CEST 2010

Hello , I'm a new member of the community and would like to introduce myself and ask some initial questions.

I'm a Phd student of the University Of Lugano, and will be working together with a student on creating a web front end for a smalltalk environment called Gaucho.
If you are interested you can take a look here ( www.gaucho.inf.usi.ch ).

I love the Smalltalk-like online experience you are building. But for now couldn't get to the point were i can create a world, make some changes and publish it later.
The system freezes when i try to publish the current world. ( i created an account in the track system, to have write access).

What is the process people are using to create models using the integrated IDE, and later saving/publishing their changes? 
And opening again the "image"?

Any help/hint is appreciated.

Fernando Olivero
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