[lively-kernel] Lively IDE Mockups

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Wed Jun 23 21:55:30 CEST 2010

On 6/23/10 11:33 AM, Steve Wart wrote:
> Yes I noticed that you've done a huge amount of work. I asked about 
> the IDE because that is how I conceptualize the object model. Once I 
> understand that hopefully all the rest of it will come together for me.
> One thing that Apple insists on when defining the user experience for 
> a new application is to come up with a clear statement of purpose. Not 
> only what it is its intended user base (casual, professional, etc.), 
> but also what it is explicitly not intended for. What *can't* Lively do?.
> I've seen a couple of posts from Dan on his vision for Lively, but I 
> still wonder, is it an educational environment, or is it something 
> people can use to build commercial quality client-server applications?
> Smalltalk evolved in rather unexpected ways I think. I don't think I'm 
> looking for Lively on Rails, but I am interested in applications that 
> appeal to mainstream development needs.
It seems to me that Lively on Seaside is a no-brainer, but perhaps I'm 


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