[lively-kernel] Internet Explorer 9 - you can help!

Dan Ingalls DanHHIngalls at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 21:14:08 CEST 2010

Good People -

We are planning a stealth release of Lively to a wide-ish community, 
and it's clear that it would be more fun if it runs on Internet 
Explorer at that time.  You can help!

If you know your way around Windows and IE, please try whatever build 
you can run and report back with your results.  Benchmarks would be 
useful if you get that far, and we should try out both the SVG and 
Canvas versions as well.

Please include what version you were running, where you got it, what 
flavor of windows, what machine, etc. with your report.

It was enormously helpful that the V8 folks had run Lively before 
they released Chrome, and we'd like to have the same smooth entry 
with IE.  If there are bugs they need to fix we should be very vocal 
to get them fixed.  If there are bugs we could easily work around, 
then we should =probably try to do so.  We have a few friends at MS 
who might help if we can point out specific problems.

Have fun, and thanks

	- Dan for the Lively team
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