[lively-kernel] newbie - "Cannot serialize old model object" problem

Davide Della Casa davidedc at mac.com
Mon Apr 25 01:14:01 CEST 2011


Saving a world starting from the "slide.xhtml" file works just fine - no serialization problems there.

So I guess there is probably something from the default index.xhtml world that is annoying the serializer?

Davide Della Casa

On 25 Apr 2011, at 00:09, Davide Della Casa wrote:

> Hi All,
> LK is an amazing project and after some toying around on the website I just installed it locally on my mac (default configuration on OSX version i.e. 10.6.7 (latest version at time of writing)).
> I had a couple of problems that I managed to resolve, and one problem still standing when saving worlds.
>  - The video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb3a70C15Sw seems to be slightly out of date and following those directions didn't seem to work.
>  - So, I installed LK on the regular "Sites" directory - which is the default place where the web server fetches content - that works OK.
>  - Then I had a problem in that the localconfig file is not included in the trunk (this is something that was spotted by Philip Weaver over two years ago http://forum.world.st/General-Instructions-for-Lively-Server-Setup-tt3033897.html#a3033900#none ) - but I copied a version from here http://www.lively-kernel.org/trac/browser/branches/interns/source/kernel/localconfig.js?rev=1340&order=name .
>  - Also the " nocursor.cur " file is missing, but I found a blank cursor file from here and plugged that one in http://pc.autons.net/stuff/blanks/ so that's ok too.
> After these initial troubles I got the worlds to open and work OK but... while saving a world (e.g. just the plain index.xhtml world), I get these errors in the console:
>  - problems to parse  http://localhost/lively/index.xhtml
>  - alert: Cannot serialize model stuff of type lively.data.DOMNodeRecord
> The world file *is* successfully created (so I believe this means that the WebDav worked), but when I load it I get a green/red world of death saying:
> ALERT: Cannot serialize old model object: {"_livelyDataWrapperId_":"172:anonymous_22","B1Value$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":883},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":884}],"B2Value$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1120},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1121}],"List$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1122},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1123}],"ListItem$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1122},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1123}],"Text$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1124},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1125},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1126}],"TextSel$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1127}],"PrintValue$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1128},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1129}],"SliderValue$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1130},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1131}],"SliderRange$observers":[{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1132},{"__isSmartRef__":true,"id":1131}],"__SourceModuleName__":"Global.anonymous_module_5","__rawNodeInfo__":{"tagName":"record","namespaceURI":"http://www.w3.org/2000/svg","attributes":[{"key":"id","value":"172:anonymous_22","namespaceURI":null}]},"definition":"{\"Text\":{},\"TextSel\":{},\"List\":{},\"ListItem\":{},\"PrintValue\":{},\"B1Value\":{},\"B2Value\":{},\"SliderValue\":{},\"SliderRange\":{}}","isInstanceOfAnonymousClass":true}
> Error while loading anonymous_module_3: Error: delegate [object Object] does not implement setTextSel
> Any hints?
> Cheers,
> Davide Della Casa
> http://www.sketchpatch.net

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