[lively-kernel] New Release coming - Alpha testers welcome

Fabian Bornhofen fabian.bornhofen at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Aug 1 18:51:41 CEST 2011


we just wrote something that might be the beginning of an installation 

Please feel free to ask and comment. We know that it's  not terribly 
detailed but we're working on that. It might give you a rough idea.

Any questions or comments might also be helpful for our installer project.


On 8/1/11 1:53 AM, Lawson English wrote:
> On 7/19/11 7:44 AM, Davide Della Casa wrote:
>> This is great!
>> Is there a revamped installation document as well?
>> The installation doc at
>> http://lively-kernel.org/repository/webwerkstatt/documentation/LivelyInstallation.xhtml
>> doesn't seam to "kick off" on my browser (engine keeps spinning).
> On Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Safari 5.1 and FIreFox 5.0.1 show errors.
> Chrome just keeps spinning the engine.
> What can peons like myself do to help make this thing acceptable to more
> people? I have a jillion possible uses cases for it, from Seaside-served
> pages using Morphic widgits as the templates, to google map widgets to
> game widgets but until I can use it myself, reliably, it is hard to
> imagine convincing anyone else to try it, letalone use it....
> L.
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