[lively-kernel] horrible download speeds for LK website

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Thu Feb 10 01:04:47 CET 2011

OK, the most recent version goes much faster than the version accesible 
from the home page of the website.

And the speed of access via a local file is reasonable.

Background: in a discussion of how to improve the user interface of the 
second life client viewer, I suggested that they use lively kernel 
rendered into their existing OpenGL user interface layer using WebKit, 
which is already part of the SL client.

The challenge: someone claimed that GUIs done with a web browser were 
too primitive to be able to handle the Second LIfe viewer's needs, e.g., 
a Macintosh finder-like window with a list of nested folders and items 
with simple icons next tot he names.

Can someone tell me how to create such a thing in LK? I'm sure its 
trivial, but I don't see quite how to begin.


On 2/9/11 2:58 PM, Lawson English wrote:
> I realize that this is a work in progress, but the download speeds for
> viewing even the simplest example page are incredibly slow. Is there any
> work being done to cache at least some of the library so you don't have
> to download the entire library with every page? Even the backbutton ont
> eh browser seems to take about as long as the first access. This is
> totally unacceptable, even as a demo.
> Also, have you compared the speed of running LK in local host vs getting
> it from a remote server?  I can think of plenty of places where having a
> localhost webpage acting as a GUI for a regular application (e.g. MMORPG
> game client) would be useful.
> Lawson
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