[lively-kernel] Nitro?

Dan Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 08:29:54 CET 2011

Hi Alan -

When I compare JS in Safari and Squeak native on my Mac (an old-ish 
2.4 GHz core duo) I get:

Squeak native: 542M bytecodes/sec; 12.5M sends/sec
Cog native: 531M bytecodes/sec; 41M sends/sec
JS in Safari: 1000M ops/sec; 33M sends/sec
JS in Chrome: 4260M ops/sec; 49M sends/sec

My Safari is 5.0.4, from around January.  I believe it has the Nitro 
VM, but I'm not positive.
The Chrome is version 10.0.648.133

I designed the JS benchmark to compare JS and browser speeds, not to 
compare against Squeak.  We'd have to take some care with exactly how 
I did this before attributing a lot of significance.  I believe the 
sends are exactly comparable, but the 'ops' vs 'bytecodes' I'm not 
sure about.

It would appear that JS in the browsers is roughly the same speed as 
native Squeak at this point.

	- Dan
>Hi Dan
>Did you try the differential test that you did before? Or did Bert do it?
>Squeak vs JS-in-browser on a Mac
>the same on the iPad
>I seem to recall that the differential was a factor of 12 slower on the iPad.
>I visited Apple after this and complained to Bud Tribble.
>Should I guess that the differential is now "only" a factor of 4?
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>It's really true.
>I ran my tiny benchmarks 
>before and after upgrading my iPad's OS.  The results...
>Before:    30M ops/sec    1M sends/sec
>After:    150M ops/sec    4M sends/sec
>I found some erratic behavior running normal Lively pages -- we'll 
>be tracking that down in the next couple of weeks.
>I haven't had a chance to try a new iPad, but the extra processor 
>should make a difference as well.
>Think Live Web
>     - Dan
>>On Mar 3, 2011, at 3:00 PM, Casey Ransberger wrote:
>>>  It would seem Safari is getting a new JS engine. Apple is touting 
>>>"up to twice" the performance in Safari; that's almost certainly 
>>>not coming out of a macro benchmark, though, so I strongly doubt 
>>>that anyone with an app will see that much of a boost.
>>>  All the same, faster JS might be good for Lively on iOS, where 
>>>perf is currently more pain than I can tolerate for more than a 
>>>few minutes at a time.
>>>  This is supposed to be coming with iOS 4.3.
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