[lively-kernel] Fwd: Linux in JavaScript PC emulator in a web browser (runs without installation)

Dan Ingalls DanHHIngalls at gmail.com
Tue May 17 19:14:52 CEST 2011

Folks -

Just got this pointer from Antero.  Reminds me of when the first 
Apple II emulator (including the graphics) showed up in Squeak.

This is the wonderful thing about high-performance VMs for decent 
languages (we'll allow JS here ;-) -- it means that one can engage in 
the delights of low-level hackery, while producing an elegant or at 
least understandable and accessible artifact [I can't vouch for this 
particular one].

Tee hee

	- Dan
>think you'll find this at least amusing if not incredible: Linux running in a
>JavaScript PC emulator in your web browser (needs Firefox 4 or Chrome 11):
>Once Linux has booted, you can try, e.g.:
>   tcc hello.c
>   ./a.out
>Even 'vi' works just fine...
>Technical details in the page linked to as 'Technical notes' under 
>the terminal screen.
>-- Antero
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