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The Chrome (with NaCl) environment is the first one in a browser that allows all levels of programming to be done and used without explicit downloading of a plugin. 

We (Viewpoints) have gotten many things running as tests in the Native Client part of Chrome (including all of Squeak), so this is a great place for doing special things that will enhance Lively.



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>You guys are doing great work. I have a couple of questions though . Would Lively kernel be able to access the kernel level features on the hardware it is running on?
>I am guessing no (correct me if I am wrong). If not, then wouldn't it be a huge disadvantage to the type of applications that are being created on it?
>I think this question had been asked before but it's been some time. So I'll ask again. What kind of environment do you think Lively will be used in? 
>Where do you think the future of Lively lies in? 
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