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Sun Nov 27 11:29:11 CET 2011

On Nov 27, 2011, at 8:19 , Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

One more bit of trick I can think of is to run another JavaScript
environment in NaCl; the upside of this would be to have a completely
separated address space for your program.  Lively Kernel currently
seemingly does a good job of not hard-crashing easily even when the
programmer is trying self-rewriting code.  But if such code is
literally isolated in another address space, it would be much safer to
experiment.  (Though most of this safely can be provided by browser

There is already a way to safely run (unknown) JS code in a sandbox-like environment on your web page. I have looked into this the last couple of days and (web) workers (HTML 5) seem to do a great job and are available not only in Chrome (as NaCI is).
One example is https://github.com/eligrey/jsandbox. But I am sure there are more implementations for that.

Of course, this does not solve the problem of getting hardware access (and right know I am not sure why I would want that for an environment like the Lively Kernel).
But I would be interested in ideas/projects that do need hardware access...


- Marko
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