[lively-kernel] Code reorganization in Webwerkstatt - please check your js files

Keith P. Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 16:45:20 CEST 2011

> Still the decision to use SVN was not only about the version control system to use but a deep technical decision that influenced a lot of the LK architecture. And to be honest, do you know one (or more) projects that do have/maintain/use more than one VCS?

No but their users frequently do.

SVN, centralised,  and because its there, it works very well for the wiki.

GIT, distributed, because its cool.

Bazaar because its what I like to use, even for squeak images, a personal preference really. I have interoperability with both the other options.

There is a lot of interoperability between the three, no one really need to worry about it. I tried all three a year or so ago, imho the weak point of git is github. The strong point of bazaar is launchpad. 

As long as the project maintainers, maintain some sanity, forgive the rest of us for going a bit mad.

However I do think the reorganisation needs to take into account the development process. I want to check out the codebase, and keep current with it, and be able to work on my own code in a separate project. If I have that I will be happy. 


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