[lively-kernel] [ANN} Codebase-utilities

Roeder, Marko Marko.Roeder at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Oct 31 01:07:57 CET 2011

Hi Keith -

> I started a little project of my own, my first "product" is a utility for scanning the lively codebase (written in ruby)

> [...]

> if anyone has any other suggestions that would be useful just let me know.

Thanks for showing some much interest in Lively! It is great to see some activity going on on this list and I really agree with most of your ideas.

Now, regarding your tool:
I know that Ruby is a very nice language to write simple and powerful scripts and I think your script is doing a great job ;-).
However Javascript is a very nice (script) language too and as the rest of the system is written in Javascript, why not having such a valuable tool written in Javascript/Lively Kernel too?
So my suggestion is (re)writing this tool using Javascript - if it has to be a command line script use Node.JS (which is what we use for server-side/command line scripts). But even nicer would be a part for the parts bin that does exactly this!
Look at the parts bin category "Wiki" or "Tools", there are already some nice tools like the Commit Counter, the "What did I do" widget or the "Method Finder". Some of those are using our "file api" to access metadata or search inside/browse the source code. So what do you think?


	- Marko 

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