[lively-kernel] Try DBJr (HyperCard-like stacks in Lively Kernel)

Ted Kaehler Ted at vpri.org
Mon Apr 30 23:39:00 CEST 2012

DynaBook Junior (DBJr) is an end-user authoring system in the 
tradition of HyperCard, SuperCard, and Visual Basic.  If you remember 
HyperCard, you will recognize the concept of a page, a background, 
and a stack.  Load this page in Chrome:


DBJr lets you store information freeform without the restrictions of 
a database.  You customize the action of a button by writing a 
script.  It is even possible to make games and other 

The world has a demo stack that explains DBJr.  You can make a new stack with

 From that stack, you can use the user interface to add and delete 
pages, drop in morphs of any kind, and move morphs to the background.

I built DBJr originally in Squeak, and ported it to Lively Kernel. 
Many thanks to the Liver Kernel team.

--Ted Kaehler.  (Viewpoints Research)

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