[lively-kernel] Connections tutorial, Morphic: Connections

blake dsblakewatson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 20:02:09 CET 2012

Hi, there--

On the page "Morphic: Connections" of the "Connections tutorial" it
has you drag a connection between Fahrenheit and Celsius text morphs,
using textString for both.

I do this, it works, in that a change in the (F) changes the (C).

Then it says, "To enter a converter function, right-click on the
connection arrow and click 'edit converter'."

So, assuming the connection arrow is that arrowhead-looking
rightward-pointing triangle, when I right click on it, there's no
"edit converter" option. There all all the usual morphic handles,
including the object menu, which doesn't have a "edit converter"

And there's "open script editor," which seems promising but it's
empty, making: "In the editor window, change the text between { and }
to " problematic.

I can add a script, of course, but it won't be connected to--well,
whatever it's supposed to be connected to.

I can pull up the script editor for Fahrenheit, and I see
textString.AttributionConnect[might be something after here but I
can't read it because the connections pane doesn't want to resize] set

connect(this, "textString", this.get("Celsius"), "textString", {});

But if I put "return (value - 32) * 5/9;" there, I get "unexpected
token" and lots of other red text. I can probably make this work but
I'm assuming there's something I'm missing, or a typo in the tutorial.

Thanks for any guidance!


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