[lively-kernel] How to add a property to a morph visually

Roeder, Marko Marko.Roeder at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sat Feb 11 14:18:00 CET 2012

Hi Milan -

> Well I was not clear in my question .. "this.pages" must be a
> deserialized Morph, from the xhtml page (or dragged from Parts Bin),
> but, how would I create the "this.pages" list and add to the
> ElProfesorOnLivelyKernel as a member, if I was to create the Profesor
> from scratch …

To make it obvious that this attribute has been added to the Part/rectangle/... , we sometimes added a script called reset() via the ObjectExplorer that simply adds/clears those attributes (you might have to look at some Parts to find one that uses reset - but for example the PartsBin (Tools -> PartsBinBrowser) does).

So in your case it could be something like this:

this.addScript(function reset() {
    this.books = [];

Additionally, having defined this script you will also get a menu item "reset" (halo item (M)enu) that executes it. In case of the PartsBinBrowser for example we use reset() to clear any state before publishing changes back to the PartsBin.


	- Marko
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