[lively-kernel] Report: Installing Lively Core locally from GitHub - a few issues and a question

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 04:29:05 CET 2012


I installed Lively core from Github. Basically I have it working but
not in a useful way - right mouse click on the world shows the menu,
but clicking any item , I get an error or nothing happens.

e.g. PartsBIn
Error in handleEvent when calling
<lively.morphic.Text#2C915...>>>onMouseUpEntry: TypeError: Cannot call
method 'openInWorld' of undefined

I was hoping the referred


will give me some hints but it does not seem to exist yet.

Is there anything I can do about the errors?


Installation notes - there were some issues that I managed to fix -
may be useful to others

# see https://github.com/rksm/LivelyKernel#readme

# get code
   # Instructions do NOT work here: git clone
git at github.com:rksm/LivelyKernel.git ~/software/lively/LivelyKernel
git clone git://github.com/rksm/LivelyKernel.git
~/software/lively/LivelyKernel # works

# init project dependencies
cd ~/software/lively/LivelyKernel
npm install

received error :
	../src/microtime.cc:1:16: fatal error: v8.h: No such file or directory
	compilation terminated.

	solution : had to
		SWITCH libv8-3 package to get from NodeJS repo (not opensuse base)
		install v8-devel and v8-private-headers-devel from NodeJS repo

# start http server on 9001
make start_server

received error:
mzimmermann at home-server:~/software/lively/LivelyKernel> make start_server
minimal server starting: http://localhost:9001/
./node_modules/nodemon/nodemon.js --watch ./minimal_server
./minimal_server/serve.js 9001
        throw e; // process.nextTick error, or 'error' event on first tick
Error: Cannot find module 'formidable'
	solution : had to
    npm install formidable

# visitted
   # page looks OK but clicking anything in world menu, I get an error
or nothing happens.

# You can install all the cool tools from Webwerkstatt's PartsBin.
Have a look at the HOWTO - does not exist.

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