[lively-kernel] Pie Menu - Feedback please

Alan Kay alan.nemo at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 17:57:43 CET 2012

Hi Benjamin

How about smooth "swipe scrolling" in X and in Y? Both on the iPad and on the MacPro?

This would be extremely useful to have in Lively



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>Hey lively-users,
>We have built a Pie Menu, also known as Gesture Menu, for lively on the IPad. You can see it on
>have a look, try it out.
>It relies on touch, so only those of you having a touch client (e.g. IPad) can use it.
>However, on PC/ Mac/Linux you have can have a look at it by right-clicking on any morph, but it won't work, it will just look nice.
>Would you like to have it on the PC, too?
>What are your thoughts on icons rather than letters to show what will happen in which direction?
>Benjamin and Sebastian
>If you are wondering, what the pink item is for: we are going to build a new way of setting connections especially for the IPad using this item.
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