[lively-kernel] How to realize a useraccount in lively? (I'm new and i have no idea)

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri May 4 12:19:20 CEST 2012

On 04.05.2012, at 07:11, Mal wrote:

> Hello @ all,
> i'm new here and i have to develope a webapplication with lively, so i need
> help.
> How can i realize these things:
> - a useraccount (with password)
> - i have to develope a webapplication that is an archive/library for eacht
> user, where he/she can store/mange all his/her materials like documents,
> fotos or other things
> Do have an idea how to realize this? Where can i begin, i have no experiance
> with lively so i begin at zero.
> Thanks.
> mal

The basic setup would be like for any other web application. You need your own web server, you need to configure it to enable authorization (user accounts) and allow uploading of documents. The only difference to a regular web site would be that the xhtml served from your web server will be a Lively page.

Since nothing of this setup part is specific to Lively, you can learn all this from a gazillion of web tutorials. Or ask your advisor/tutor (assuming this is a course assignment). Only once you have that setup in place the question will arise how to best use the facilities of Lively to communicate with your server. But again, it basically is no different from any other AJAX website.


- Bert -

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