[lively-kernel] iPad related features release (see video)

Hubert Hesse lively-kernel at hubertscorner.de
Fri May 11 20:47:25 CEST 2012


the bachelor's project is happy to announce that our work on Lively
Kernel on the iPad is ready to be released.  You will find improved iPad
support on all pages in the webwerkstatt now.

Some of the features include, but are not limited to:
* Simplified selection gesture (tap through morph hierarchy)
* PieMenus: Select a morph, then touch & hold. Experienced user can
  make a gesture without waiting for the menu to appear
* adjusted tools, e.g. Parts Bin, Object Editor and ColorChooser
  (replacement for StyleEditor)

Please refer to the video we made for you:

= Selections =

In general selections trigger onTap(), but some morphs such as buttons
implement the selection onDoubleTap(). You can overwrite the event
handlers onTap(), onDoubleTap() and onHold() as you like. Button for
example open a selection onDoubleTap().
In some cases you might want to disableSelection() entirely on a
finished part.

= Tools =

Due to the limited amount of available screen space we tried to reduce
the number of open tools. Therefore tools like Parts Bin and Object
Editor update their target to the currently selected morph
($world.currentlySelectedMorph). On a desktop they use Halo target as

Currently we are working on tools with native look and feel. The next
visible change will be the Parts Bin. But there are more collaboration
related features to come soon.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback.

Kind regards,

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