[lively-kernel] Potentially fun and definitely valuable community activity

Daniel Ingalls danhhingalls at gmail.com
Sun May 27 20:47:04 CEST 2012

Good People of Lively -

I think our default parts bin could use some cleanup and documentation.  

As a first step, each part should be tested (for many parts, this will be fun), and its description added or improved as appropriate.

As a second step, I think it would be handy if every category included a part named, eg, AboutDatabase, AboutBejeweled, etc., which can be just a simple textMorph or something more comprehensive, summarizing what's in the category, and how they work together if they happen to be components of a larger application.  The name "AboutX" is suggestive to newbies, will typically appear first, alphabetically and can be searched for in a regular manner.

In the process, we may find parts that are broken or not useful, and reviewers could post their observations, and leave it up to the "owners" (I realize this is a loose concept here) to delete, fix or improve the parts in question.  Or not.

In order to minimize confusion as a community process, if you like this idea and want to clean up a category, then as your *first action*, publish an "About" morph for that category that states that you are in the process of cleaning it up, and leave that statement at the beginning until you are done.  That way others can know not to interfere until you are done.

Have fun!

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