[lively-kernel] Fwd: LK ready for prototyping?

Chip Nowacek chip at twostewards.com
Mon Sep 10 15:59:33 CEST 2012

Should I take the silence as: "Stay away from Lively" ?

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Subject: LK ready for prototyping?
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I'm sure I am less than 1/10th the programmer of the least on this list. I
hope you'll forgive the my rather lowly skill set.

That said, I have a desperate need to create a demo app for investors and
production developers. In your estimation, is LK ready for that type of
work? I will ask about production readiness later.

While I'm asking, anyone interested in helping out with (what I think will
be) an important application with long legs? The domain model, 4 years in
the works, is pretty stable. It needs a compelling, highly-interactive
front end (thus the LK question). In broad terms, I am looking to build a
cognitive tool that deals with human relationships. It'll also need a
mobile app at some point.

Thank you humbly,

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