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Tim Felgentreff timfelgentreff at gmail.com
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The TodoItemProto in this example isn't a class. It's the name of a morph
somewhere in the world. Finding it's class won't be useful.
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  Thanks Lars, the programmatic method you explained  is very useful.
However I was interested in a manual method to find a class. either in the
System Code Browser or thru the world menu

On 05/12/2014 03:31 PM, Lars wrote:

Hello Carlos,
in oder to get to the TodoItemProto class, just ask the morph for its
constructor. When printed, that gives you the class' name. If you want to
know where the class is from, ask the constructor for it's source module:

 var klass = this.get("TodoItemProto").constructor
var source = this.get("TodoItemProto").constructor.sourceModule

 Methods defined using the lively class scheme have an attribute
"declaredClass" which contains a string which should yield the class object
upon evaluation.


On 12 May 2014 11:08, <carlos.crosetti at afilha.com.ar> wrote:

>  Hi, I am familiar with Smalltalk and teaching myself the Lively Kernel.
> While browsing the TodoList via object editor I sea fragment of code like
> this
> var item = this.get("TodoItemProto").copy();
> How do I find the TodoItemProto class? Is there a way to select the class
> name from a method and jump to the class browser open in that target class?
> Regards, Carlos
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