[lively-kernel] Three quick questions

Rick McGeer rick.mcgeer at gmail.com
Mon May 26 03:29:55 CEST 2014

   1. I'm having this odd behavior where $world.onFocus() is getting
   overwritten on a $world.saveWorld().  Specifically, I set $world.onFocus to
   a function which assigns the focus to a specific morph on the page
   ($world.get('2048Board').get('Board').focus()).  This works fine, and when
   I click away from the tab and back to it the focus is assigned correctly.
    I can also look at $world.onFocus and see it's the correct function.
    However, after I do a $world.saveWorld() and then reload the page, I get
   the default $world.onFocus method, not the one I wrote.  Is this a bug, or
   is there something I'm doing wrong?
   2. Is there a preferred way of doing hyperlinks?   I can think of at
   least two, and I'm sure that there are more.  The two I've thought of are
   to use an HTMLWrapperMorph, and to attach an onMouseDown event, but I
   guarantee there's a third way, and the third way is better.  I know there's
   a third way because I've looked at the source for the welcome page, and the
   hyperlinks are in text morphs, which turn into <span>s in the HTML source,
   and the links themselves are <uri> tags in the span.  My problem is I don't
   know how to create this using Morphic (it may be I am just slow today).
    The hell of it is, I knew how to do it once, because I put the link to
   Lively Cheat Sheet on the Welcome page (I wanted to put the link to
   Robert's marvelous Lively 101 page there, too, but more important I wanted
   to figure out how to do this....sorry for the dumb question)
   3. Is there a way to flatten a morph or (equivalently) generate an image
   file for a morph?  The specific case I'm thinking of is where one builds up
   a complex image from lots of submorphs, but once done doesn't want to
   manipulate the submorphs anymore...just bake the thing in place.
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