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Jorge Chamorro jorge at jorgechamorro.com
Wed Jan 30 12:47:54 CET 2008


On a Mac, running Mail.app, clicking on reply sends it to: private  
email, not to the list.
You may still want/need to flip some more bits over there ?


El 26/01/2008, a las 6:50, Dan Ingalls escribi?:

> Folks -
> As many of you know, we are migrating the focus of our communication
> from the earlier forum mechanism to a simple group mailing list.
> Begging your pardon, I am sending this message to test the reply
> behavior of the list.  The plan is that all replies to the list will
> be broadcast to all members.  If you wish to make a private reply,
> you must take care to specify your recipient in the to: field.  Also,
>@least for now, this list will truncate messages greater than 80k
> in length.
> Once we have some of this administrivia out of the way, I hope to
> send out a summary of current activities, release plans, etc.  Please
> stay tuned.
> 	- Dan Ingalls
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