[General] Note ZOOMII.com

Bob Courchaine bobc at nfldinet.com
Fri Jul 4 14:46:01 CEST 2008

Dick, i'm pretty sure zoomii is built using the flare framework 
(http://flare.prefuse.org/) which is a Flex/Flash (ActionScript) version 
of the Prefuse lib. Looks very much like some demos i've seen.

Prefuse is a Java lib i think that is built on top of AT&T/Bell Lab's 
Graphviz work (http://www.graphviz.org/) which is primarily a discrete 
math lib that exposes graph theory very nicely.


Richard Karpinski wrote:
> A friend pointed me at http://zoomii.com which he says is 14,000 lines 
> of JavaScript. Is it a Lively Kernel application? It uses and connects 
> with Amazon while presenting books as if they were in a physical store, 
> but offers handy access to much more information than a brick and mortar 
> store can provide.
> I still want to try out the JustGo idea shown on my website. It is 
> supposed to make a zoom world even easier to explore by not needing any 
> clicks to wander about and see stuff. Lively Kernel seems like a great 
> way to explore this notion but I get stuck right away and can't even 
> tell how to put text into text boxes or edit such text.
> Is any manual for LK anticipated in the next few months?
> Dick

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