[General] Is anyone working on Rhino+Batik Lively?

Peter Fraser pfraser at spatialmedia.com
Thu Jul 17 01:11:49 CEST 2008

The backspace issue highlights the sheer heroism of those making Lively 
run on browsers :-)

As a matter of pragmatism   -is anyone working on the Rhino+ Batik 
implementation? I note rhino-compat.js in the source download.

I'm negotiating a research project where it would be great to use LK, 
but I don't want to be researching heroic backspace workarounds on windows.

On the other hand, a JRE requirement  would be workable (especially 
given the demonstrable path towards "nothin-but-browser" ) . 

Perhaps I'm being naive about the difficulty of the Java approach, but 
it strikes me as being a great complement to pure browser Lively   
-having different deployment, hackability and performance tradeoffs. 
I'm not personally up for a complete Java LK implementation, but if 
there was half an implementation sitting somewhere, I'd be keen to have 
a look.

I would also be fascinated to hear any comments on the relative merits 
of the Java approach vs Examotion(etc)  -as an IE solution   (and come 
to that, on the viability of Lively on VML)

pete F

I really meant to do some more research before asking these questions, 
but well   -I get excited.

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