[General] Copy-and-paste, backspace

Krzysztof Palacz Krzysztof.Palacz at sun.com
Wed Jul 16 01:45:48 CEST 2008

Hi Adam,
	On the contrary, we'd love to have system copy&paste working, and I  
spent some time on it but I got frustrated as well.... Looks like  
there are browser APIs for both C&P and D&D, and they seem to work in  
HTML. Unfortunately that's the end of good news. XHTML support seems  
to be spotty, and, AFAIK, SVG support is nonexistent (the oncopy/ 
onpaste  events never fire on SVG elements).
Presumably it could be possible to register handlers on the XHTML  
element enclosing the SVG canvas (presumably in the capture phase) and  
use Lively Kernel's logic to figure out which Morph should handle it.  
I don't remember now if I tried it and it didn't work or I've never  
tried... If you'd like to give it a try, it'd be awesome ...
	The backspace problem has also been reported, I left it out since I  
don't develop on Windows, but we should fix it... If find a solution,  
please let us know...


On Jul 15, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Adam Spitz wrote:

> Is anybody working on getting copy-and-paste to work using the
> system's clipboard? (I see some code in Text.js that looks like it's
> trying to make copy-and-paste work within LK, but it'd be nice if I
> could paste text from other applications.)
> I just spent a little bit of time trying to make this work using
> Safari's oncut/oncopy/onpaste event handlers, but I haven't gotten it
> to work yet, and I'm getting a bit frustrated. :) If someone else is
> working on this, I'll leave it - otherwise maybe I'll take another
> crack at it.
> I'm guessing this is a very low priority for you guys. :) I wouldn't
> waste my time on it, if I were you. But still, I figured I'd ask.
> Adam
> P.S. Does anybody know what's causing that bug where the Backspace key
> makes the browser go back, in Safari on Windows? I see that there's
> code in Text.js that explicitly tries to handle this, and it works
> fine on my Mac, but not on Windows.
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