[General] Handles on objects deprecated

Dan Ingalls Daniel.Ingalls at sun.com
Tue Nov 25 00:20:05 CET 2008

Hi, Dick -

>Fitts' Law says if it is further away and smaller it will take longer to
>get there. And that only works if you can see it, which you can't for LK
>What if the whole object was the target and when you got your mouse
>cursor on it, you got a pie menu with up to eight choices, and secondary
>menus when more choices are needed. Wouldn't that be quicker to get to
>and more learnable for novices so they can become experts more quickly.

You should have quite some fun firing up the latest LK as per my 
earlier message.

	(click OK in the huge error notices)

You will find a 'use pie menus'  item in the world menu under 
'preferences' (if it isn't pretty self-explanatory I want to know). 
You know I've been a gesture fan since I put them ("GestureMenus") in 
Fabrik about a quarter century ago ;-).  You may want to go into the 
'simple example morphs' world to play around with them.

>Some basic documentation might also be nice, although when the wiki is
>available, I expect that questions and answers will quickly satisfy my

Also you'll find a 'help' item in the world menu that will offer 
'command key help' and take you to text editor help in our TRAC wiki. 
It's a start.

	- Dan
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