[General] A Few Problems

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 08:06:03 CET 2009

1. Does the Wiki actually retain revisions? My main wiki page now freezes
every time I load it.


I've noticed a few other wiki pages doing this as well. I tried connecting
via WebDav directly in the Finder but I don't see any revisions and it also
does not authenticate with my user/pass.

2. How do I invoke the IDE?

3. How might I map my right mouse button to the alt/option key for the
contextual menus? I believe this question was previously unanswered earlier
on the list. I'll research online but I want to ask. Having to use the alt
key is killing me. :-)

Lively is outstanding. (More promising than Flex, Cappuccino, Sprout, Ext)
There is no comparison and Lively is in a totally different league. I
understand the potential and the vision here. There's much more creative
potential for us to incorporate but Lively is indeed marvelous.

Philip Weaver
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