[General] A Few Problems

Robert Krahn robert.krahn at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sun Feb 22 10:28:51 CET 2009

Hi Philip,

> 1. Does the Wiki actually retain revisions? My main wiki page now  
> freezes every time I load it.

Unfortunately with a slow internet connection it can happen that a  
default LK world is created in the background (when the scripts are  
loaded but the data of the page isn't yet there). When the page is  
then saved problems appear, e.g. the page freezes when reloaded. This  
happened with your page. We are working on that problem.

Anyway, to revert a page visit http://livelykernel.sunlabs.com/repository/lively-wiki/revertOtherWorlds.xhtml 
  There are two little scripts for that. We plan to add this  
functionality to the tooling soon.

> 2. How do I invoke the IDE?

Open the world menu by right clicking in the background. In the sub  
menu 'Tools' you will find all sorts of useful things. The  
SystemBrowser for instance allows you to browse the code base and edit  
the ChangeSet for the world. Visit http://livelykernel.sunlabs.com/repository/lively-wiki/livelyScriptingTutorial.xhtml 
  to find a little (and unfortunately incomplete) tutorial about this  

> 3. How might I map my right mouse button to the alt/option key for  
> the contextual menus? I believe this question was previously  
> unanswered earlier on the list. I'll research online but I want to  
> ask. Having to use the alt key is killing me. :-)

I changed the way menus are created and the right and middle mouse  
click should now open a menu.

In Firefox and Webkit the right click works fine but Safari the mouse  
movement stops. Use the middle button instead or to choose a menu item  
*press and hold* your left mouse button.

> Lively is outstanding. (More promising than Flex, Cappuccino,  
> Sprout, Ext) There is no comparison and Lively is in a totally  
> different league. I understand the potential and the vision here.  
> There's much more creative potential for us to incorporate but  
> Lively is indeed marvelous.

Thank you. Btw. your page looks amazing, keep it coming!


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