[General] Instructions for Lively Server Setup?

Philip Weaver philmaker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:31:49 CET 2009

How does a user configure a server to allow saving a Lively world? Is it
possible to save a world if loading a file directly from the filesystem?  Up
until now I've been calling my own code from Main.js when working locally -
and without persistence.

All of the following is based on a checkout I did about a week ago.

In brazil.config
    Changed port to 80.  (was 8081)
    Uncommented proxy lines.
In defaultconfig.js
    Changed port to 80. (was 8081)
Ran 'runbrazil.sh' as root.
Load index.xhtml
    Can't load Pen.lkml
    Can't load finance.google.com
    Can't load download.finance.yahoo.com
    Can't load feeds.bbc.co.uk.com

I edited brazil.config and added: mime.lkml=text/xml
Pen.lkml now loads when I refer to it directly.

These are the lines I had uncommented in brazil.config for the proxy

Tried to access directly:
Got the error: Not Found
while trying to obtain /trunk/source/kernel/proxy/www.apple.com

Up until now I've been calling my own code from Main.js when working
locally. I will keep working in the wiki online but I'd feel like less of a
wiki spammer if I get this running locally. I also need to be able to test
locally with persistence. at some point I'd also like to be able to host
(displaying a Lively badge of course). :-)

Errata: Otherwise if I load the world directly from the filesystem and
select "publish world as", I see Null value Core.js line 719. Not sure if
Lively is meant to work this way though. :-)

addSystemDictionary: function(doc) {
var dict = lively.data.Wrapper.dictionary;
 if (!dict) return;
var preExisting = doc.getElementById(dict.id); // <-----------------------
Core.js line 719
 if (preExisting)
var newDict = dict.cloneNode(true);
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